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water sports

Here you will find some fun water activities, slide the links you will find extra information


How do you best discover the Maasland?
On the Meuse of course!


At Kayak Maasland rent a kayak, raft or canoe and sail from Smeermaas to Kotem. If desired, they can also arrange transport to your car.

Kayaking on the Maas

Terhills Cable & Water Park

Can it be a bit more intense? 
In Dilsen-Stokkem you will find Terhills Cable & Water Park.

In the Cablepark you can go waterskiing and wakeboarding at a large pool. Beginners get extra attention. They also have a fun obstacle course on the water where everyone over 8 years old can show their courage. 

Those who prefer to keep it dry can enjoy a drink at the beach bar

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