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Dining out

 Below are some of our recommendations

Food in Oud-Rekem

Oud-Rekem is the perfect place for a culinary journey of discovery. Whether you want a more classic or just something special: you will find it all there. All restaurants are located in beautiful old buildings, so there is certainly no shortage of experience! 


The Gatehouse

In the Gatehouse you eat in the building where the entrance to the castle of D'Aspremont-Lynden used to be guarded. 

Hostess Mieke warmly welcomes you in this beautiful setting. Her kitchen is more than good, her eye for detail unparalleled. The halls are always decorated down to the last detail. Recently Mieke also opened a furniture and accessories shop in this building. Be sure to check it out while you're there!


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Soto by OG

Can it be a little more exotic? At Soto they spoil you with a so-called 'Eurasian cuisine'. Chef Chris takes his inspiration from his home port, Indonesia. 

You eat in what we in Rekem call the 'Old God' or the former gateway to the city!

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L'Art Brutal

You don't have to go to L'Art Brutal for a standard menu, but you probably already knew that from reading the name of the restaurant.

Alena & Mathias are not cheeky these days, but their food is certainly daring: Sharing plates and natural wine for the daring in an Art Deco setting. Definitely worth a try. 

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Brasserie De Wissel

Good food 

Good Mood

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oud gerechtshof.jpg

Former Court of Justice

Fancy classic dishes with a modern touch? Then go to the Old Court of Justice. Chef Louis serves the tastiest dishes in a beautiful old building. 

The building used to be, as the name suggests, the Court of Appeal of Oud-Rekem. The building was of course renovated, but authentic elements have been preserved.

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Eating outside of Oud-Rekem

Filling Station

Filling Station is a hamburger restaurant, complete in Hollywood style. People come from far away for the unique interior, but don't throw away their authentic burgers: they are also well worth a visit to Filling Station!

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Brassa  Brasserie

 Brassa betekent “omhelzing”, die de essentie van onze gastvrijheid weerspiegelt.

 Onze gerechten worden met liefde en toewijding bereid, van klassieke brasseriegerechten tot verrassende creaties. 

Ons warm en gepassioneerd team staat altijd klaar om u te verwelkomen met open armen, want bij Brassa geloven we dat goed eten mensen samenbrengt.

Kom en laat u onderdompelen in de warme omhelzing van Brassa.

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Mario's Ice

Don't forget to go get 'A Mario' during your visit to Aan Wal. Their polar ice cream attracts people from all over Limburg
. You can also eat on site in their recently renovated ice cream parlor. 

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Good food in Genk

The mill

Do you like a good piece of meat from the Grill? Then the Mill is exactly what you need!
PS: they also have seafood dishes.

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city cafe

In the middle of Genk's city square you can go for a quick or extensive bite before, after or during shopping.

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de molen.png


Chill out a bit?
In the 360° brasserie you can relax and recover from shopping.

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A few more recommendations


Just outside Maastricht you will find one of my favorite restaurants: Heerdeberg. You eat to the rhythm of the seasons, because everything you get on your plate is grown on their own estate (except the fish)

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Can it be something more? Then definitely go to the Melange. Preferably with good weather, because it is lovely to sit outside. Be sure to order a coffee or tea afterwards, because the desserts that come with it are sublime!

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Where else can you go to an Italian Restaurant better than in Eisden? This small, but super cozy restaurant is located in the old school of the village.

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